Early Morning Tractor Trailer and Moped Collision in Myrtle Beach Ends in Fatality

Early Morning Tractor Trailer and Moped Collision in Myrtle Beach Ends in Fatality

Early on the Wednesday morning an accident occurred that lead to a fatality.  Around 6:40 am first responders along with police responded to an accident that had traffic all but stopped on S.C 544 between Surfside Beach and Conway.

A moped driver lost his life Wednesday when he collided with a tractor trailer at the intersection of S.C 544 and S.C. 31.  The victim, 49-year-old Robert Phythian or Murrells Inlet expired from massive blunt force trauma he received from the accident.  Authorities report that Phythian was traveling west on 544 and the tractor trailer was making a left turn onto 31.motorcycleaccident

Traffic was delayed for many hours while investigators worked the scene and then crews cleaned up the area.  Polices are still trying to determine exactly what happened on this sad Wednesday morning.

“Car accidents can prove fatal when you don’t drive safely and use all the proper precautions.  Unfortunately, you can’t always recover and sometimes the accident claims loved one’s lives or gives them lifelong disabilities.  This is one of the major reasons I went into personal injury law, to help families of victims on the road,” says Joe Sandefur, wrongful death attorney in Florida at Jhon Bales

moped-crash2Fatal car accidents have been on the rise since 2010 in South Carolina and cause hundreds each year to lose their lives and even more to have life altering injuries.  When people choose to break the law and not obey traffic law they risk their lives along with everyone else they share the roads with.

Keep in mind that if you are in an accident with another driver through no fault of your own you do have some legal options.  Many people choose to contact a personal injury law firm who specializes in personal injury.  These attorneys will walk you through all of the possibilities and discuss whether or not a civil suit is in your best interest.  Not only will they help you with the massive amount of paperwork involved when filing a lawsuit, they will assist you in understand legal terms and you right.  After the paperwork is filed, they will be able to enter into negotiations where hopefully your case will be settled.  However, if it can’t be settled then they will take the next steps to file for a court hearing.  It is essential that you have professional help when navigating this process for you or your loved one.

Overall taking our time and evaluating all your options is exactly what you need to do following a tragic situation that involves injury through no fault of your own.  When you need to focus on healing or helping a family member recover, let a personal injury John Bales Attorneys take the pressure off of your shoulders and deal with the legal side of your pain.  They will fight for you and get you compensation for all your pain, medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages and anything else the accident caused you to lose.

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