Early Morning Tractor Trailer and Moped Collision in Myrtle Beach Ends in Fatality

Early Morning Tractor Trailer and Moped Collision in Myrtle Beach Ends in Fatality

Early on the Wednesday morning an accident occurred that lead to a fatality.  Around 6:40 am first responders along with police responded to an accident that had traffic all but stopped on S.C 544 between Surfside Beach and Conway.

A moped driver lost his life Wednesday when he collided with a tractor trailer at the intersection of S.C 544 and S.C. 31.  The victim, 49-year-old Robert Phythian or Murrells Inlet expired from massive blunt force trauma he received from the accident.  Authorities report that Phythian was traveling west on 544 and the tractor trailer was making a left turn onto 31.motorcycleaccident

Traffic was delayed for many hours while investigators worked the scene and then crews cleaned up the area.  Polices are still trying to determine exactly what happened on this sad Wednesday morning.

“Car accidents can prove fatal when you don’t drive safely and use all the proper precautions.  Unfortunately, you can’t always recover and sometimes the accident claims loved one’s lives or gives them lifelong disabilities.  This is one of the major reasons I went into personal injury law, to help families of victims on the road,” says Joe Sandefur, wrongful death attorney in Florida at Jhon Bales

moped-crash2Fatal car accidents have been on the rise since 2010 in South Carolina and cause hundreds each year to lose their lives and even more to have life altering injuries.  When people choose to break the law and not obey traffic law they risk their lives along with everyone else they share the roads with.

Keep in mind that if you are in an accident with another driver through no fault of your own you do have some legal options.  Many people choose to contact a personal injury law firm who specializes in personal injury.  These attorneys will walk you through all of the possibilities and discuss whether or not a civil suit is in your best interest.  Not only will they help you with the massive amount of paperwork involved when filing a lawsuit, they will assist you in understand legal terms and you right.  After the paperwork is filed, they will be able to enter into negotiations where hopefully your case will be settled.  However, if it can’t be settled then they will take the next steps to file for a court hearing.  It is essential that you have professional help when navigating this process for you or your loved one.

Overall taking our time and evaluating all your options is exactly what you need to do following a tragic situation that involves injury through no fault of your own.  When you need to focus on healing or helping a family member recover, let a personal injury John Bales Attorneys take the pressure off of your shoulders and deal with the legal side of your pain.  They will fight for you and get you compensation for all your pain, medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages and anything else the accident caused you to lose.

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Seven Places to Get Low Cost or Free Legal Advice for Your Business

Seven Places to Get Low Cost or Free Legal Advice for Your Business

A contract dispute, a lawsuit from a customer, an employee filing an ADA complaint — these are a few of the legal issues you could face as a small business owner. Then there are the more routine matters, like forming a new LLC or putting together a commercial lease. One way or another there will be times when you need legal help. Of course a lawyer can be expensive. Here are some suggestions on where you can find free legal help for your business.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is one of the leaders of online legal help. You can make one document for free to start, which you can print or download as a PDF. After that you can sign up for a Rocket Lawyer membership free for a week. That lets you create unlimited legal documents and comes with advanced tools like their e-signature service and online sharing. You can also ask a lawyer legal questions and have your completed documents reviewed.




On its website you can find a wealth of free legal advice for business, as well as books and business forms available for purchase. If you open a free account first, you can create, save and edit your legal form before you pay to download or print it.


The business section of Lawyers.com has free articles and tutorials on many topics, but there are two other features that make this site worth a visit. First, the “Ask a Lawyer” form lets you submit a question for free and “receive multiple answers from top rated lawyers.” Second, its “Find a Lawyer” tool not only lets you search by area of law and location, but provides customer reviews of the attorneys listed (Nolo, for example, does not have reviews as part of its directory).lawyers-com


Like many legal websites, there is a large collection of articles here, which may answer your questions. On the “Ask a Lawyer” page you can get your questions answered by an attorney for free.

Law Guru

LawGuru says it has a “network of over 7,700 specialized attorneys in all legal areas.” You can either type your question into the box on the homepage or search their past answers.

Small Business Forums

Online discussion forums for small business owners can be full of questionable legal advice, since participants are not attorneys. But sometimes you’ll find people who have faced the same issues you’re facing, and you can read about or ask how they resolved them. Then you can run the solution past an attorney to verify that it will work in your case.

SCORE is a non-profit association that helps small businesses with advice, mentoring, and education. Its volunteers are experienced business people who provide free counseling by phone, email, and in person. The particular counselor or mentor you get will probably not be a lawyer, but it is possible that he or she will have had some experiences with the same legal issues you face, or can refer you to someone who has. 

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Business legal tips are in actual set of rules which are endorsed by government authority. These tips are actually legal advices which are very essential for the effective and objection free execution of the business. While some one starts a business then the first thing comes in mind is the site of business. If the business man wants to purchase a land or shop for his business then he should have an authentic documentation of the land or shop to be purchased. This is very necessary so that owner of the land cannot prove any right after delegating it to you. Then you have to register your business agenda legally means you have to give full information of your business, sale, purchase and marketing of the business.

He has to give all the account of his workers and staff members, their income and payment source. Then trade mark which is a very essential entity in the business. Every business has its own trade mark which is implied to the business. A trade mark is recognition of a business. These are primary Business legal tips etc which are of vital role before you initiate a business. As you run your business then you have to give account of your tax, bills and products. Business legal tips etc are very essential when someone has to start a business; there are some legal requirements which have to be met before executing work. These legal tips are very important in order to make the task hurdle free legally authentic. Legal tips are also required when a prisoner arrested in criminal case has to be freed from police custody and released on bail.

All these legal advices are required for the proper and hurdle free execution of the work. One must hire a reputable lawyer such as the ones at johnbales.com for legal tips as a lawyer is representative of the law built by Government. Before hiring a lawyer a client must get the information about experience and qualification of the lawyer along with his/her past record. As client is going to start the business then also it becomes equally important to meet all the requirements of the legal aspects in order to make your business to be executed with success and without obstruction. A legal strategy should be crafted step wise step to execute a business for this purpose it becomes very necessary to hire an experienced and authentic lawyer which will be responsible to legalise all the aspects of your business and marketing strategy. Business legal tips are very important for a business man so that he cannot face any kind of trouble in future and can run his business with smoothly. When you are fulfilling all the requirement of the business which is legal then you will be fear free at every step of your business progression. Before hiring a lawyer a customer must be aware of the previous record and performance of the lawyer as well as his education qualification in the field of law.

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Law is considered at highest obligatory authority in all the countries of world. Laws are usually made to for the safety of the people and to provide them their duly rights mentioned in constitutions. Laws are sort of legal restrictions on wrong doers. Thus in other words law is actual set of rules for the proper execution of system and these rules are generally enforced by the social institutions. Laws are there to inculcate a right jurisdiction for every individual. Laws are implicated to provide justice to all individual, and it is meant to protect the rights of individual from exploitation. Law is indeed a legal practice of a community which is prescribed by the highest authority of the country and obligatory to all the people in order to make the system smooth and peaceful. Law tends to bring the equality of all classes. Lawyers and advocates are appointed to direct you in getting jurisdiction for your case.

Law Tampa provides you experienced and well qualified lawyers. A lawyer works on criminal as well as civil cases. The major ordeal of the lawyer is to create and develop appreciable relationship with the clients and make them aware of legal procedures in order to solve their problem. As legal methods are assumed to be right methods and do not exploit the rights of any individual. In some cases if a person get entangled in criminal cases then the lawyers are availed in Tampa who are well experienced and professionals in solving respective cases, these can be hired easily in the city. Their mode of payment fee is very simple and reliable as it is quite reasonable. Indeed to hire a lawyer in order to protect your self is very essential decision as you are delegating your life security in lawyer’s hand.

Law Tampa avails you desirable lawyers like John Bales who are very talented and have full knowledge about law and jurisdiction, so one can hire them without thinking twice. Lawyers will direct you to proceed with great safety and in a legal manner to solve your case. Bills of the lawyers and all the expenses he has made in collecting authentic evidences can be paid by online mode also. Before hiring a lawyer it is your prime most duty to ask for his experience, qualification, previously solved cases and other correlated information about the lawyer. There are various practice areas in law services. Laws are made to protect you and your rights. Practice area includes criminal defence in juvenile stage, where the young children are protected by the endorsement of laws and legal rules. Criminal cases, landlord and tenant conflict for encroachment of place or not paying fare. Bankruptcy and fraudulency are the cases of public interest as bulk of population get affected by the incidences. These are some of the cases for these you can hire lawyers who will be responsible for solving your case by creating or collecting right evidences. Law is always there to protect you and your rights from exploitation.

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Legal Tips And Importance

Legal Tips And Importance

Law is meant for people’s security and protection. Human rights are basic rights a person must have to live the life peacefully without harming other person physically and emotionally. There are some rights which are considered essential for everyone to lead life progressively and independently without the exploitation of rights of other people. If somehow exploitation of the rights takes place then there are some set of rules which has to be implemented in order to provide justice. These set of rules are known as legal tips. Legal tips are not only concerned with criminal matter or exploitation of the rights of citizens but these are needed on priority bases to initialize any sort of task like business, company, purchasing of house or land.

Organizing big business deals and also for marketing advice. A lawyer has thorough knowledge of the law and order thus he is the right and very suitable person to give legal advice in any case of concern. Before starting a business, getting rid of any criminal case, starting new company dealing with land and property related cases people must fulfil some legal requirements which are mandatory of everybody. In order to accomplish these purpose one must hire experienced and well qualified lawyer which can give you legal tips. Every person has different task issues in their life thus different types of legal advice is needed so there is need to introduce respective attorney in these cases. Legal tips mean legislative reference to the law in a concerned manner.

There are various fields in which legal tips are required like criminal cases, personal injury cases, taxes issues and other reference law. Legal tips are some sorts of rules which are essential to execute any types of business deal and any type of ordeal so that client will not face any sort of hurdle. For example if a person is going to start a business there are some legal requirements he has to cover for the smooth execution of the business. If a client wants to purchase a land or property then also there are some legal requirements for that and some sorts of threshold he must taken in to consideration so that he will not encroach other’s property. Encroachment is illegal endorsement of own right on other’s land or place. Not only these cases but there are lot more to do with legal tips like you cannot move a vehicle on road without the legal licence of your own, one cannot do medical practice or can open any shop without legal permission from the court. More over students must have legal and authentic documents while taking admission in any educational as well as professional institute. Thus legal advice is required everywhere so that person cannot face any sort of hurdle in future. For right legal tips one can hire experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can direct you in every aspect. Lawyers will direct a client to take legal steps in order to execute any task.

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Being included in any lawful issues is one of the most exceedingly terrible things that can happen to a man. If you are confronting such issues, you have to look for help frame the best legal counselors as quickly as time permits. In any case, you have to pick a legal counselor who has an aptitude and has enough involvement in taking care of comparative cases as yours to guarantee that you can get a positive result of your case.

Here are some valuable tips on how to find the best lawyer and the best way to locate the best legal advisors to help you in your legitimate issues:

At the point when discovering the best attorneys for your legitimate needs, you can begin by asking your relatives and companions who may have been in comparable circumstance as yours. They may know somebody or they may have procured the administrations of a legal counselor before in managing their lawful issues. They are definitely the best individuals who can let you know where you can find the right legal counselor for your legitimate needs. The references that you can get from these individuals are without a doubt more dependable than whatever other individuals say.

You can likewise use a web to hunt down the best legal counselors in your general vicinity. These days, most lawyers and counselors and firms have their own particular sites. With these sites, you can undoubtedly get to their profile and other imperative data like their contact data, instructive foundation, winning cases, accomplishments and even audits and testimonials frame their past customers. This will offer you some assistance with determining equipped your potential legal counselor in managing your case.

You can likewise consider an online lawful registry of legal advisors. The best thing about the online indexes is the way that these registries are typically sorted out by area and region of practice. Along these lines, you can without much of a stretch locate the right attorney close to your zone and in view of your lawful needs.

Beside suggestions and online administrations, you can likewise find the legal counselors through different mediums like commercials on daily paper, TV and radio. You can check this includes and search for names of accessible legal advisors including their contact data.

In time when you wound up needing the help of the best legal counselors, it is very important that you know a few routes on the most proficient method to find one for your needs. You have to do a broad examination about your potential legal advisors before you choose to enlist their administrations.

Regardless of who you will be, you could simply utilize a decent legal counselor. The reason you may require an attorney can rely on upon your circumstances. Notwithstanding this, you’ll have the capacity to locate a legal advisor that can spend significant time in any legitimate issue you have.

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